Chai Ke Diwane

" A Cup of CHAI is a cup of Peace "


Starting in 2012, a long and wonderful journey gave birth to a brand for a perfectly brewed cup of Chai named as 'Chai Ke Diwane'. Envisioned by a group of enthusiasts, who found their destiny in the F&B sector, the company is all set to offer a brand new experience to the ‘Chai Lovers’ who are on the constant look out for good quality food services.Our faced paced lives are keeping us distant from enjoying even a hot cup of Chai and crispy bites. Realizing the need, Chai Ke Diwane is all set to create a perfect ambiance for memorable meetings and enjoyable get-to-gethers. So join us in this modern journey towards utter bliss and become a part of this Chai addicts family. Chai is the finest solution for all the ups and downs in our Life Chai is like our national beverage and is consumed by most people at least two to three times a day. We believe that the best chai is an hand made one and to create this experience a lasting one we come to serve you as Chai Ke Diwane. We bring you the best chai in the world with own unique taste, aroma, benefits and traditions. Its our ambition to serve you the best chai you ever had.

Our Story

Chai has always been an energy booster from releasing the stress to making one’s day.Today CHAI is said to be the second beverage consumed after water. We have been always observing the scene of efforts taken by an individual for having a cup a chai. At the commercial shops, small scale office employees, different services people working at fleas, markets normally either the Chai is delivered by some random Chai serving person or sometimes even brought by employees in polythene bags even the people working at IT parks come down of their offices for a cup of tea which is less hygienic and also served in Hoch porch and also it is irregular. Where in when decided that every person non working or working at any sector weither small to smallest or big to biggest should get a our friends deserve something way better which would more systematic, more hygiene, freshly handmade.


The mission is to make the daily experience of Chai an delighting one for every person around along with affordability. It’s said Life is like a cup of Chai and our belief is to make this cup of chai a liquid wisdom for you.


Our vision is to amuse people at every corner with delighted everlasting experiences with Chai and other Lip smacking food items.